Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"Stolen antiquities on the Daily Show"

"Along with other buyers, US art collectors
provide ISIS with 100 million dollars a year" 

"It's a steal"
The Daily Show September 29, 2015 - "President Obama and Vladimir Putin meet for an uncomfortable dinner, ISIS fills the black market with ancient relics". I have mixed feelings about this, and it is not just because this is on a topic I feel strongly about. I thought many of the standup acts of Trevor Noah we saw before he took over TDS from John Stewart were good. Here he is rubbish. The audience is not much better (03:03). The sketch at the end with Desi Lydik posing as the Daily Show "senior antiquities correspondent" is unfathomably puerile. Metal detectorist level. Are they using different writers, or what?

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