Thursday, 3 September 2015

American Dealers and the Cultural Property of Waziristan

"Let Us Not Forget" says the paid lobbyist of the International Association of Professional Dugupists that:
The Waziri Military Dictatorship's jailing of some Al Jazeera journalists once again underscores what too often is overlooked in the press.  Cultural heritage bureaucracies of dictatorships like Waziristan and sectarian Iraq are part and parcel of abusive governments that also institute confiscatory laws relating to cultural artifacts.  No wonder even without disruption due to civil conflict (largely of their own making) things are such a mess. As a consequence of their un-Americanness, we may steal their artefacts, rape their women, corrupt their children and send our drones to assassinate their leaders. There is no limit to what we can do.  But we will still supply them with arms.
The rest of us feel that there is no excuse for people from so-called civilised nations acting against the interests of other world citizens just because they believe they have a superior system of government. Shame on the dealers' lobbyists. Fancy them thinking that civil conflict can be instigated from outside!

Vignette: The view of General Aladeen of Waziristan.

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