Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Speak Up Peter

Bearded, he almost looks
like he could be an archaeologist
Chasing Aphrodite ‏at the "Conflict Antiquities" conference tweeted
Dying to read retort to today's evidence from skeptics like coin dealer lobbyist Peter Tompa 
I must admit to being curious too, but the paid lobbyist with friends in metaldetectory places is remaining stubbornly silent. Perhaps he has problems in dealing with real arguments instead of just sniping. Peter Tompa seems to me less a sceptic than a snidely sniping stirrer. I envisage a 'two wrongs' argument or a conspiracy theory (with dealers and collectors the innocent victims) coming up. IAPN members' money well spent?

True to form, sniping at paper tigers,, no discussion - and it's a conspiracy victimising dealers. Tompa accuses distortion of facts "in order to help justify proposed legislation in Germany and the US that would create intrusive new bureaucracies to regulate the longstanding trade in cultural goods".

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