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Kris "deals with" Illegal Artefact Hunting

Secretive metal detectorist spots illegal artefact hunter, decides "my farmer" (the OWNER of the land he's on) should not know ("he'll get stressed"). Another heritage crime goes unreported and a metal detectorist allows illegal artefact hunting to go on under his very nose - he even talks with the looter "he seemed like a nice chap".

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Mr Estuary English might be intersected to know that the country he calls "Czechoslovakia" ceased to exist on 1st January 1993.

"wottam I sipposed to dou? Shll I ring th' plice?" (yes)

"wottm I sipposed to dou ? [...] only fing I ken dou iz call the bloomink plice?" (yes)

Her he is articulating his thought-processes on camera: 

[Tutting noises]"Tha's gotta be a waster plice toime shirly, [...] Well, I'm not going to tell th' farmer - cuz he's gonna get wellstresst out, onestly ee's not the sortta farmer that'd deal well wiv this, he'd prolly kik me off as well, and awso, its ge'in lay'e, n tha's goin'a really, really annoy 'im. I culd ringim tomarraw [...] Oi gotta feelin this culd be going on kwiteabit cuz therez oles evrywhere [...] Now I culd warn my farma abaat tha', but 'ee's jus' gointa get stressed, ah no it, he's gonna get really [inaudible] "roight nobody go on there then" [tutting noise] this is bloomin awkwad this is".

Too right it is, especially in the light of the common trope that having "responsible metal detectorists" on one's land means they look after it and keep illegal intruders out. In this case our hero initially decides not to let the landowner or police know out of fear that his search and take days will be over too.

This by the way is one of the authors of the national Geographic ("Nazi War Diggers") webpage [now deleted] on so-called "responsible metal detecting".  Here we see self-interest get in the way of a metal detectorist making a record of illegal activity going on (which could be used as evidence) and informing the victim of the crime (theft). So much for this much-vaunted but illusory 'responsible detecting'. The only person this guy feels any responsibility towards is the stranger met illegally artefact hunting because he belongs to the same tribe of "fellow metal detectorists".  Unless he called the police in time for them to arrive and catch him red-handed, this is called "aiding and abetting".

Here's what fellow responsible ("= we all hate nighthawks") detectorists had to say about it on a metal detecting forum near you.

Mr Rodgers secretly filmed the man  and has published his face on the internet. Perhaps someone will recognize this chubby affable Czech-speaking (?) man who drives a lorry dangerously in flipflops and a faded teeshirt with a logo, and who.... umm gets a bit excited by talking to strange men who approach him in fields. Mr Rodgers is accusing him of illegal activity while in Britain.

Screengrabs from film by Kris Rodgers
This was presumably some time between 24th June to 4th July 2015 (or the later blockage due to the refugees in Calais). Operation Stack operates along the M20, this one stretched east from Hollingbourne (where the Anglo-Saxon grave was trashed by Rodgers' mates - pretty quiet about that Treasure inquest, no?). 

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Anonymous said...

Well, he says now nthe farmer and the "Heritage Police" have been informed and he has posted to his forum colleagues: "It's great that together, as one community, we can come to the right conclusion"....

Ludicrous. Who, other than metal detectorists, wouldn't have done it immediately? Why did it need a discussion, while matey-boy drove away. Truth is, isn't it, this clown (who was mixed up with the Nazi War Diggers stuff was he not?) didn't want to tell the farmer in case his own permission was withdrawn.

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