Thursday, 10 September 2015

"Wuz" has a Head from Yemen - How?

Why is this artefact on sale described as "Greek"?

Southern Arabian alabaster head, probably from Yemen, described as Greek, sold from UK?
Southern Arabian alabaster head A fragmentary alabaster stone carving of the head of a man, possibly from a stele, with squared stylised features; remains of dark pigment around eyes. Rough unmodelled back. Ancient southern Arabia. Period: circa 3rd-1st century B.C. Reference: Christie's sale 9723, lot 248. This item is accompanied with an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity. ancient_art4wuz

But... Christie's  'A SOUTH ARABIAN ALABASTER HEAD OF A BEARDED MAN CIRCA 3RD-2ND CENTURY B.C.' sold 29 October 2003   is a different object entirely. It is 26cm tall and a different shape.

The  Christie's one is as described, this one is clearly of limestone, not 'alabaster' and I'd say is probably not authentic. This seller is on at least one fake-seller list. He is also a seller who seems not to want to put his real name under his 'guarantee'. Anonymous eBay sellers are not exactly the most trustworthy of people to buy antiquities from, I feel. Especially when they offer no paperwork and the "reference" they give to their object turns out to be a false lead.

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