Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Return of "Nazi War Diggers" as "Poszukiwacze wojennych skarbów"

Polish television is probably among the worst in the world. I never watch it. But somebody posted this to me, it seems a TV production company thinks that just by putting "Nazi War Diggers" out in POLISH they are going to get around the issues raised. "Poszukiwacze wojennych skarbów" ["Searchers for War Treasures"] featuring a dealer in Nazi relics (Craig Gottlieb [CGM Militaria = Bouncy YankStephen Taylor [RRPG], Kris Rodgers [Addictedtobleeps] and Adrian Kostromski, [search for these names on this blog for my previous thoughts on this whole fiasco]. It is being put out on Discovery channel  Thursdays 22.40, repeated on Sundays at 12.55.
Tereny frontu wschodniego II wojny światowej wciąż kryją szczątki milionów żołnierzy i ich broni. Czterech mężczyzn wyrusza z misją odnalezienia zapomnianych pól walki.
 I do not think these battles and battlefields are "forgotten" by anyone here. How incredibly insensitive and disgusting. This is so disappointing. In the trailer the metal detectorist is heard saying "digging is not a science". But digging something like this properly jolly well is the very nearly so.

Anyway, we were told by the four men involved that "we'd got it all wrong", that the trailers Nat Geographic put out were nothing like what they filmed. So, now we'll finally learn about what the series showed - just watch this space.

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