Sunday, 6 September 2015

Go on, Have a go, You Know You'll Like it

Readers might remember the discussion when a Staffordshire Hoard travelling exhibition went over to the USA and visitors were able to try their hand at detecting. The exhibition organizers blamed the Americans and said it was not their idea. Now one wonders what people engaged in the interests of 'Education, volunteers and audiences' have to say about this now another travelling exhibition is going round the English Midlands:
The exhibition, developed by Staffordshire County Council's museums team, features high quality replicas of some of the treasure, video footage, and interactive displays. Visitors can try their hand at detecting for treasure, cleaning a piece of the hoard, or dress up like an Anglo-Saxon would have done in the 7th century.
Sometimes it seems the aim of British museums is to get the entire population over the age of seven out there metal detecting every single piece of the buried heritage into their pockets. PAS? British archaeologists? Can you tell us, what purpose does this serve?

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