Friday, 25 September 2015

Lex Dura, Sed Lex

The two treasure hunters who claim they have found Nazi gold train buried eight metres beneath a hill near Walbrzych, Poland were hunting for it without permission and will be arrested
The two treasure hunters who triggered gold fever in Poland with claims of finding a Nazi train laden with WW2 loot may end up behind bars before they hit the jackpot. The head of the regional conservation authority for Walbzrych, Barbara Nowak-Obelinda, has filed a complaint with prosecutors, claiming the German and the Polish man who allegedly found the train buried eight metres below ground did not have the necessary permits to go looking for it. Mrs Nowak-Obelinda, from the Lower Silesian Conservator of Monuments, filed a complaint with the District prosecutor's office saying that the pair had searched for the train 'without permission'
Searching for historical artefacts without a specific permit to do so and setting out the conditions under which the search is to be undertaken is an offence in Poland punishable by a fine, community service or detention for 30 days.

Ed Wight 'Could the Nazi gold train treasure hunters be JAILED before getting their hands on the loot? Two men who 'found' mystery train face arrest in Poland for 'illegal' search', Mailonline 25 September 2015 49 shares 38 View comments

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