Sunday, 1 November 2015

The "Green" Credentials of Hobby Lobby's Mr Green

"Decorative trophy tusks"
Mr Green of the "Museum of the Bible" has made himself deeply unpopular in the USA by the intrusive way in which he has been declaring his beliefs about how other people should conduct themselves and even how they should plan their families. Now he is coming in for some scrutiny for his own life choices, in buying antiquities and the company he keeps. Take this example of being photographed by one of his employees among what many would consider some excruciatingly bad taste home decor in Houston, spotted initially by Roberta Mazza.

Naughty Simba.
Mr Green has been depicted by Gary Vikan as "still learning" about the responsible collecting of antiquities when he met him. A museum of the Bible professionals twitter feed pictures him "still learning" about wildlife conservation. The public use of these images is surprising, coming hard on the heels of the "Cecil the Lion" furore and coverage of the Trump sons and their rifles. We trust that the the "decorative trophy tusks" are 1920s bakelite, and the disturbing "take me from behind Simba" shot with the "stuffed tiger trophy wine glass stand" and the "dead cheetah doorstop" are with fibreglass replicas. I wonder whether the collector was there considering getting a whole load of stuffed slaughtered animals to illustrate the conservative interpretation of the text of Genesis 1:26. Still one wonders whether there are any limits to this sort of insensitivity by the staff  and sponsors of this controversial "museum".

The older woman in the photo looks rather like Jan Duncan, widow of the controversial US hunter Dan Duncan. Surely the owner of this residence has a corner of the hall where there was an ormolu clock or a showy flower arrangement to act as a more acceptable backdrop to the posed photos. Or was the house stuffed full of slaughtered wildlife?

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