Sunday, 21 August 2016

Old Wooden tool found in Derbyshire wardrobe

Strength of tradition
A bloke turns up in an auction house and announces "I just happened to have this in me wardrobe" and it was found in a "cave" (not a tomb?) in the Mokattam Hills near Cairo during the Second World War and somehow taken out of Egypt. The auctioneer (says) he believes him (BBC Ancient Egyptian tool found in Derbyshire wardrobe 20 August 2016). It saves worrying about any documentation, and just to make sure....
The tool has been verified by the Natural History Museum, in London, and will be entered into auction on 7 October.
This is the London Museum which has the department of Ancient Egyptian snail shells, Coptic avifauna collection and the Early Islamic conchology gallery. Personally I would advise against buying unpapered artefacts like this, you never know what you might be buying no matter who says what they "think" it is. It seems to have mortar on it... This is the same auctioneer who sees a great business opportunity in selling off metal detectorists' surplus stuff. (see here too).  

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