Friday, 26 August 2016

The Answer Should be Revealing

There are probably (my figures) 16 000 artefact hunters using metal detectors to enlarge their personal collections in the UK.
‏@HeritageCrime 8 godz.8 godzin temu HE Heritage Crime podał/a dalej Rural Crime Suffolk We work closely with the #MetalDetecting community to identify the small minority of #nighthawks #OperationChronos
HE Heritage   HE Heritage Crime dodał/a, Rural Crime Suffolk @RuralCrimeSfk 'Nighthawking' is the theft of artifacts from archaeological sites and areas. It's illegal #heritagecrime 1 podany dalej 1 polubiony

I asked them:
Paul Barford ‏@PortantIssues 7 godz.7 godzin temu @HeritageCrime How many fellow metal detectorists have they 'shopped' in the past two years? 

The answer seems a foregone conclusion, given that they stress that they (think)  that the milieu overall contains a "small minority". Yeah?

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