Monday, 22 August 2016

Collectors' Choice

If you already had indulged yourself and built up a personal collection of paperless antiquities worth several thousand dollars, and you had another spare 11700 dollars left over at the end of the month, what would you do with it? For some the choice is clear.

Omar has lost much, much more than his coin collection. Yet the life of another human being by the grace of God in a different situation than him would "simply not be worth living" without adding this paperless coin to which the sellers attached a racy story to all the others he already has. And he has no hesitation in showing his willingness to buy coins sold without any indication that there is documentation of licit provenance. No wonder there is so much anonymity on the antiquities market.  Shame on the lot of you.
 Vignettes: Rich collector's self indulgence or supporting the relief agencies?

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