Friday, 19 August 2016

Bulgarian police arrest man over illegal possession of ancient coins

(It is not clear if these are the actual coins involved in this case)
One of the arguments coin fondlers like Peter Tompa advance against US import restrictions on dugup coins from Bulgaria is that it is somehow "discrimination against US collectors" because the Bulgarians can buy coins in Bulgaria. They cannot quite grasp the idea that an internal market in something does not equate with free export of the same thing - that seems a little beyond the average coiney. Anyway, here's one for Peter Tompa to explain away to his readers: Bulgarian police arrest man over illegal possession of ancient coins Sofia Globe August 19, 2016.
Bulgarian police arrested a 51-year-old man in the Black Sea town of Byala after he was found in possession of a number of ancient coins, ranging from a Roman coin to 16 silver late medieval ones. The operation involved officers from the directorate against trafficking in cultural property, the anti-organised crime directorate and Varna police, the Interior Ministry said on August 19. [...]  Pre-trial proceedings had been initiated and investigations were continuing. The statement said that since October 2015, actions against illegal treasure-hunting, acquisition, storage, sale and trafficking in objects of cultural and archaeological significance had led to the prevention of the illegal export of more than 1400 such objects.
As an example of the sort of thing the lobbyists for the dugup antiquities industry get up to see Peter Tompa's "No Answer" and the comments. This is the specialist claimed to be "among the best in america". He says the manner in which coin collectors collect is "irrelevant", I do not believe that to be the case, as we see above.

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