Sunday, 14 August 2016

More US-Looted Saddam Statue Pieces Come on Market

Gohdar Alkaidy and Jan-Henrik Dobers, 'Abenteuerliche Auktion Saddams Bronze-Bein in Hamburg!' Bild (Ad-blocker sensitive) 11th August 2016. I really think the US cannot afford to get too hypocritical about ISIL-looting when they still have not hunted down who in the US-led invasion forces stole this stuff. The fragments from the statue they theatrically toppled in April 2003 in Firdos Square are not war-loot in the terms of any convention, they are the products of theft during military occupation.

I would say they should be all the more keen to do this because this event is so iconic of the gung-ho manner in which the warmongers went in and smashed the Iraqi state and then demonstrated to the entire world they had no idea what to do next. The looting of the Baghdad Museum on the US watch was just a symptom of the chaos the US was simply unprepared to deal with. This then produced the vacuum in which various militant groups formed  which are still destabilising the Middle East. 

Cartoon by Nicholson from “The Australian

Vignette (top right): US foreign policy in action 

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