Monday, 29 August 2016

“No Man Knoweth the Day or the Hour”

This is awful news, a very close friend indeed from the 1970s
It is with great sadness that I am notifying you of the very sudden death of Mr Jonathan Catton. He collapsed at home on Thursday 26th August and the emergency services could not manage to save him. We would appreciate it if you would let any other colleagues, family and friends know, as we may not have been able to contact everybody. Due to the unexpected nature of this, we hope that you will respect the fact that the family need to take time to come to terms with this tragic news and that details will be released regarding the funeral arrangements. We thank you for your understanding. Linda, Peter and Edward Catton
Jonathan was a fantastic guy, he was the Assistant Director of the Mucking excavations in Essex, a position he filled ably for many years due to his exceptional people skills, he took a major role in the post-excavation project, and when that folded he ran the local museum until his retirement just a few months ago. Among my many fond memories is the time when I took my first aerial photography flight with Jonathan and his late father in a Cessna piloted by the latter. I saw him last December at the Society of Antiquaries at the launch of the Mucking Prehistoric volume, where he gave the most memorable and moving speech, we were going to meet again later on this year on the site. A truly devastating loss.

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