Monday, 1 August 2016

Looking forward?

Pilfering the PASt
3 godz.3 godziny temu

Looking forward to welcoming @TheSearcherMag and @timloughton to @britishmuseum to judge The Nations' Greatest Detecting Finds competition.
Ah, so it's no longer "finds made by members of the public" then? PAS is just for "metal detectorists" (collectors) now, is it? I guess they got the idea from the Italian "Tombarolo prize" and the Islamic State's "Imam's fave find" event. Perhaps the British Museum as "the museum of the world" can do a special foreign award for the huaqueros of Peru who have no such competition in their own country (because what they do there, is illegal).

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Anonymous said...

Let's see whether they call the winner a citizen archaeologist. Or a partner. Or a hero.

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