Friday 28 May 2010

"Barford, Prince of Liars" (sic)

Ooo fisticuffs. I do hope "Classical Coins" has a good lawyer. Dave Welsh writes:
Barford: Prince of the Liars, Quote:
Barford is a liar, and anyone who credulously believes what he has to say,without first carefully verifying all of the particulars, is a fool.
Certainly they'd be being uncritical, and I am hope I am not being read by the credulous and limited of intellect (away with ye!). It will be observed that I always try to give the sources for the material I discuss (and any omissions are unintentional), use direct quotes and source them. However as we have seen, the collectors do try to prevent people from accessing the information to which I refer.

The appearance of this post by coin dealer Welsh is concommittant with the closure of the Moneta-L archives.

Please, intelligent reader, do not on any account take my word for any of this. Please register on a few of the closed collectors' and metal detectorists' forums and see for yourself what these people are up to and what they themselves say (and do not say) . I am giving my own opinion here, make up your own minds, not based on what I say, but start finding out for yourselves, find the things the collectors and dealers do not want you to find out, read between the lines and think outside the box.

But also, PLEASE read my exact wording very carefully, believing that (despite the typing errors) they are chosen carefully and used sincerly and not used loosely. I believe Mr Welsh's accusations stem either from his own lack of ability to do so, or his belief that his readers will not have the attention span to do so and will just take his word for it.

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