Saturday 29 May 2010

Finland is Striking Coins commemorating "the Ethical Collector", I Wonder ....?


The Mint of Finland has struck two (I think) coins so far in the "Ethical Collector Coins" (Ethik-Gedenkmünzen) series it started next year. The Ethical Collector Coins are inspired by themes related to topical issues and phenomena of the moment. Themes for each coin are chosen by the Collector Coin committee set by the Finnish Ministry of Finance. The first coin featured a theme of "Peace and Security", and was the first time the Mint of Finland had issued a silver collector coin with a nominal value of 20 euros.The second coin issued earlier this year was "Children and creativity". I wonder when they will get round to "ethical coin collecting helping to preserve the archaeological heritage"? Maybe collectors would like to get together and submit some draft designs?

Photo: This one has a hole in it and looks as if someone has driven a steamroller over it on concrete. Amazing what geegaws some people collect.

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