Sunday 30 May 2010

"Easy Prospecting", Treasure Hunting Acceptance Advert

John alerted me to this, saying it was a "bad ad".

Easy Prospecting with Online Stock Checker

Actually I think its a good one - how was it filmed? (The signs presumably are computer-generated).

Saxon Crown, Gold Coin, **** sword, seeking "history" or Treasure?

We note he's out there in the early morning, but was there some consultation which suggested that beach-detecting was less archaeologically inflamatory than a field would be? (Or was it just so there'd be a picturesque background?).

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Anonymous said...

yes, it is curious that he's on a beach-- where you don't find "Saxon Crowns". Is he's an antiquities hunter, he should be in a field.

I don't think this is consultation, more likely confusion

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