Thursday 20 May 2010

US Rule of Law on Illegal Immigrants, what about Illegal Exports?

Fox News fanning the flames of xenophobia reports that:
A California city mere miles from the metropolis that imposed a boycott on Arizona over its immigration law has just weighed in on the other side of the debate -- voting to declare itself a "Rule of Law City" where illegal immigrants are not welcome.
What about collectors who have been buying illegally exported artefacts without even attempting to ascertain licit provenance? Any collectors in Costa Mesa?

Mayor Allan Mansoor told Fox News on Thursday that the "Rule of Law" resolution should "set the tone" for tougher policies to come. As Arizona officers are now empowered to do, Mansoor said Costa Mesa law enforcement should be able to ask suspects for proof of legal residency.
If they really want to go to town on residents to see whether they have any connection to activities involving connections to law-breaking, the police in US "rule of law" communities like Costa Mesa could ask to see their artefact collections.

Vignette: Costa Mesa police officers (Daily Pilot)

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