Wednesday 26 May 2010

Korea and a"threat to Our Hobby"

We must take a stand against North Korea, says US Secretary of State Clinton. I idly wondered then which way patriotic coin collectors will go. They could patriotically stop buying Korean coins to reduce outside financing their economy, or they could equally "patriotically" buy more illegally exported Korean coins to take away their culture.

I was wondering just how much Korean cash coinage was on the US market at the moment and the obvious first place to look was Scott Semans' online store. Nothing much there at the moment though. Then I saw the right sidebar with the usual Grading standards, pricing policy, Authenticity Guarantee (no mention of export licence guarantee), how to get pricelists, Northwest US coin shows, bla bla and then... "A Threat to Our Hobby". What is the greatest threat to the coin-collecting hobby? Click on the link and see.

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David Gill said...

Compare the views on buying antiquities from the Taliban here.

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