Saturday 1 May 2010

Votes To Show You Care


I pinched this from the Heritage Action (responsible members of the public fighting for their heritage) blog, but is a cause about which - even though I came from a poultry-raising family - I feel strongly too.

Please vote for a civilised country!

There is a well-organized campaign founded by British musician Brian May gathering support for putting other values before the usual ones which figure in glib pre-election promises. This is summarised in the slogan "Bollocks to the Economy!" (if you think what all the parties are saying before the elections about economic improvement is worthless unfulfillable rhetoric, make your vote count by electing candidates that support other values):
We are a group, founded by Brian May, who believe that every creature deserves a decent life and a decent death. The results of the General Election on May 6th 2010 could lead to a repeal of the Hunting Act – which currently protects our wildlife by banning hunting with dogs. Make sure you know where the candidate you are considering voting for stands on the repeal. This site ONLY supports candidates who stand against the repeal. Check out ‘How they stand’ page to see the postions held by candidates in the upcoming election. ONLY candidates standing ‘Against’ a repeal wish to maintain protection for our wildlife – these are the ONLY safe candidates to vote for. (The Hunting Act – took animal-lovers 80 years, and 700 hours of parliamentary debate to bring into effect, by democratic process, in accordance with the will of at least 75% of the population.) [...] We believe that the British public needs to be clearly told the truth. We do not want the next government of Britain to be able to bully the whole of Britain into policies supported only by a minority – a minority that cannot let go of blood sports. YOUR VOTE ON MAY 6TH CAN HELP SAVE OUR WILDLIFE

Probably somebody can point us to the analogous page created by British archaeologists which shows where candidates stand on archaeological heritage issues, artefact hunting and collecting and Britain's participation in the international and local trade in illicitly-obtained archaeological artefacts. Could somebody send me the link please?

By the way, with reference to collecting, have a look at the Save Me website's "Lame Claims" page, setting out the pro-fox-hunting arguments one might come across. Some of them sound EXACTLY like those of indiscriminate collectors' advocacy groups, exactly. ["Own up, guys. You are cornered – and about to be run to Earth!"]

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Anonymous said...

"Some of them sound EXACTLY like those of indiscriminate collectors' advocacy groups, exactly.


(It has been reported in the press that the only other hobby that the finder of the Staffordshire hoard enjoyed was "ratting". I guess ratting is foxhunting for the financially challenged and indiscriminate collecting is archaeology for the plain challenged!)

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