Monday 31 May 2010

Bulgarian Police Bust Priest for Illegal Antiques Trading

'Bulgarian Police Bust Priest for Illegal Antiques Trading', Novinite May 29, 2010

A 41-year-old priest has been arrested by Bulgarian police, he s accused of having organized illegal antiquities sales over the internet. The Ministry of the Interior says that the priest, employed by the Vratsa Eparchy and identified only as "D.I.", had managed to conduct over 1 000 illegal deals in the course of just several months. Pre-trail proceedings have been launched.
The police have raided four locations in the capital Sofia, the northern city of Vratsa and the town of Oryahovo, and located 53 Thracian, Rome and Byzantine coins, jewelry and antique vessels along with a bust of Heracles and a marble head of Venus. The authorities have also confiscated an illegally owned rifle, metal detectors, and computer software. The priest in question is from Vratsa, but since 2002 had worked at the Oryahovo Church. 

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