Wednesday 12 May 2010

Coiney Ahistoricity

Coin collectors say they fondle their coins because they are "passionately interested in history". But they see their happy-go-lucky no-questions-asked way of doing their "history" homework threatened by preservationists. They have though their imagined saviour, Wayne Sayles and his dealer mates of the ACCG. John Pennock (who grandly puts after his name the letters: "ACCG ANA PAN") a collector of ancient coins says there is no middle ground:
Being an ancient coin collector and not supporting the ACCG now, is akin to being Neville Chamberlin trying to appease Hitler by dividing Poland.
I will not quote the rest of Pennock's embarrassing naivity here [just to add that he might like to find out more about antiquity collecting in Cyprus for example]. Mr "Chamberlin" (sic) did not "divide Poland". Perhaps instead of fondling coins to get them speak about the ancient world, some collectors would do better to try and get a better grasp on the modern world...

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