Friday 14 May 2010

The Questions the Executive Director is Not Going to Answer


I addressed two perfectly pertinent questions to the ACCG, (here and here), the Guild's Executive Director has just replied thus:
You're right about one think (sic), I did not take the trouble (or waste the time) to read what you said. You convinced me long ago of the futility of that. I don't even know what your question was and have no intention of answering it in a public forum anyway. When the AIA or the CBA asks me a question I will answer.
I think one can confidently assert that the Council for BRITISH Archaeology actually has no interest whatsoever in any correspondence with a tinpot US dealers' lobby group like the ACCG. Whether or not the AIA have remains to be seen; I would be surprised if it would while it is unable to present any kind of coherent argument in answer to perfectly reasonable critique of its policies. I would however think this is a question to which the public should hear the ACCG's answer.

Let it be seen that the group claiming to represent the interests of US collectors is simply unwilling to answer a simple question about the wider contecxt of its policies. Let me throw it open then to collectors generally, how can they contemplate thrusting demands on "source countries" to defend US collectors interests which they are not prepared to first attempt to apply at home in the US to defend US collectors interests? Or are they all to scared to speak out of turn unless Sayles does first? ACCG antiquity collectors, men or mice? Independent thinkers or brainwashed lollards led by the nose?

It is a shame though that their leader cannot even be bothered to familiarise himself with the criticisms of policies that his members will have to bear the consequences of.
Vignette: "Screw National Heritage, Collectors Want There Rights"

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