Saturday 23 April 2011

Al and Wayne

Coin dealer Wayne Sayles tells Al Hickey on the coiney Unidroit-L forum what the ACCG case is all about. Hickey had questioned why the ACCG wants to import illegally exported coins, I'd say that was a reasonable question... Sayles disagrees.
The coin import restrictions are a very small part of a much larger issue. [...] there are a significant number of people engaged in the defense of similar issues and it is becoming a momentous reaction to what many view as oppression. [...] The point is that something is wrong in government and ACCG will challenge that with every tool available.
Gotta fight the gub'nmint conspr'cy against the People. It seems to me that the coineys have fallen in behind a bitter and suspicious old man, willing to see an enemy around every corner.

I am sure that Sayles is right when he says that there are many people who consider that there are indeed many things wrong with the US and the way she is governed, but I suspect that among them there will be considerable disagreement whether or not its relationship to the hobby of coin collecting is one that should be given any sort of priority in dealing with them.

As if in confirmation, we can look no further than the papers leaked apparently from State Department sources the day following my post. I think if we are looking for things about the US government that should be questioned, and about which there should be more transparency and accountability, then ranking somewhere at the top must be:

This is sickening. I think there really are far more important things the US people should be taking their government to task over than whether emails of this or that person mention a secret agreement involving ancient dugup coins, or whatever it is the silly, self-interested and superficial US coineys are contesting. Yes, let's get those State Department secrets out in the open.

Vignette of Fortress America from the Guardian.

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