Thursday 28 April 2011

Collectors Rejoice in Strife

On a metal detecting forum just a mouse click away we can all see how antiquity collectors like one "diomedes" see the influence of current world affairs on their own interests:
syrias kicking off think of all those lovely antiquities hitting ebay soon best save it from being lost for ever espeially as the iraqi ones have got so expensive
These are the people the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme has at times called "partners" and "responsible". Maybe PAS outreach on portable antiquities and artefact collecting best practice and all that might extend to having something on their website about all this and actually using the L-word that seems to be missing from discussions about archaeological artefact collecting in the UK...

Vignette: Smug UK antiquity collectors make light of the effects of events in potential 'source countries"


Damien Huffer said...


Paul Barford said...

Well, it makes you wonder where artefact hunters have their brains when they write stuff like this on their forums.

Mind you, this type of remark is precisely the sort of attitude that they want to avoid people seeing (does not create a good impression of the milieu). This is why most artefact hunting and artefact collecting forums hide their member's thoughts and expressions of opinion and declarations of what they have done/will do and dumbass wisecracks away in a closed area where the main stakeholders in the common heritage (the public) cannot see them.

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