Thursday 14 April 2011

Metal Detector treasures: "Get A New Site"

It does not really say outright who is behind it (of course) but there is a new blog called "MetalDetectorTreasures" (seems to have started in January 2011) with some gems of information about the hobby. Such as this one which relates to the "depth advantage" question I was discussing a while back. This author has a different approach:
New Metal Detectors v New Sites – NO CONTEST
March 30, 2011 | Author Bill mc Cullough (aka: Peace Havens)
These days we are bombarded with new super metal detectors which promise to fulfil you hearts desire. SORRY to burst your bubble but the best-est, deep-est, latest LCD-est, Multicoloured-est detector will be virtually useless if you try detecting on one of my old sites. My sites are cleaned out, as are thousands of others throughout the country. Which is why eBay is full of metal detectors for sale that have been used once or twice. BUT all is not lost. If you want to find anything these days you need a NEW SITE not a new detector. Give me a standard detector with minimum discrimination and a 6″ depth PLUS a new never visited site and I will beat any fancy expensive machine who is trying to find something that has been missed on a cleaned out site. SO … find yourself a new site and save yourself some money
Thousands of cleaned out sites all over the UK. that is the legacy of current policies towards artefact hunting. Of course as more and more of the thousands of artefact hunters move away from the thousands of cleaned out sites, the number of intact archaeological sites year by year decreases at a rate that can only be guessed - because of course nobody interested in maintaining the status quo is going to measure it.

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