Wednesday 13 April 2011

More Museum Shambles

Vincent Brown looked a little bit more carefully at the shabti found in an underground station in the Cairo Metro than hapless Museum Director Tarek El-Awady, and finds the latter has wrongly identified the object (see here for his text on the topic, the one found is pictured on the second-horizontal version of the missing-objects list on page 28/42). This is the second time this has happened, a while ago the sceptres on the original list were mixed up too. I guess we can explain the Director's lapse by the fact that he must have been nervous about appearing at a news conference and having to answer questions about how these four items were - in Hawass' words - "received this morning". He must have realised that the story he had to tell was going to be difficult to believe...

So as Vincent notes: "This of course means that shabti JE 68984 has NOT been returned and is still out there somewhere".

UPDATE (A few minutes later):
This has just appeared on Facebook from Lana Jean Higbee Hill:
Um, also, the fan stock that appears in the official report list of missing objects (JE 62006) is still missing, according to Hawass. The damaged fan stock that got returned (JE 62003) is not even in the official list of missing items as far as I can tell...
(it is pictured there, on a page which shows two different objects, p. 24/42). They took a month to list fifty objects, and two months after the theft it still contains fundamental errors like this. What the blazes is the Museum playing at?

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