Monday 11 April 2011

One Metal Detectorist's Recent Haul

Julian Evan Hart, self confessed non-PAS recorder writes on the RallyUK forum:
Hi all, as always apologies have not been a frequent recent visitor to site...working on new books and stuff. [...] Done quite well recently with a large 14th C scabbard chape, a Viking scabbard chape, 200+ Roman coins in last 2 weeks (sadly only 2 made it into my collection rest grots...and a superb Cunobelin silver unit. Hope everyone makes some smashing finds too.
So these 200 or so coins that did not make it into the Evan-Hart collection of plundered antiquities - where are they? Winging their way across the Atlantic in a padded envelope for some US dealer to give the ones he cannot sell by weight to ACE maybe? All of these "smashing finds" taken by trashing sites, where does that get us?

1 comment:

Damien Huffer said...

It gets us further into a deep, dark pit of ignorance about our shared past that is harder and harder to crawl out of :(

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