Monday 4 April 2011

Who Said That?

"lets remember that detecting carried out responsibility actually enhances. Many new sites have been located and archaeologists called in to continue the work. So.. the more this happens the better "
PAS has never said that (I hope!).
The initiators of PAS never said that.
The government has never said that. Well, not yet anyway.
So who said that?

The same person who, missing the point entirely, said a line below:
Our shared enemy is the nighthawk or should I say the site burglar.. a real thief of our heritage.
Hmmm. I think the enemy here is the reliance of supporters of the unsatisfactory status quo (on artefact hunting and collecting in Britain) on myth and stereotypical thinking, instead of actually asking searching questions about their beliefs.

The person who said both of these things is a well-known British archaeologist and he said it on a well-known British archaeological forum, and none of the other British archaeologists there raised a peep of protest.

[Long gone are the days when I would have followed that statement with an exclamation mark].


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Still, it's not too damaging when an archaeo-supporter of metal detecting claims things that PAS, the PAS initiators and the government never have, what is more damaging is when he claims other stuff that they DO tend to say. In particular, this well worn calumny:

“Our shared enemy is the nighthawk or should I say the site burglar.. a real thief of our heritage.”

No. Nighthawks aren't the main problem by a massive margin. Our much more significant shared enemies are those that perpetrate information loss on the rest of us – and the amount that THEY steal dwarfs the losses nighthawks cause.

Paul Barford said...

This message really does not seem to get through to those that will not listen.

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