Monday 25 April 2011

Don't Become Slave Oil: Support the ACCG

Another version of Evil Gubn'mint Catastrophism from the coiney camp, this time with an environmental twist. If ya don't want to see 45% of the world population in chains as Slave Oil runs out, ya'd better start supporting the ACCG in its aim to keep illegally exported ancient coins on da market. A classic of the genre which I suspects well illustrates the thought processes of the average ACCG supporter.
This is not tin hat stuff either, you just have to look and dig to find this out.
I beg to differ. (We note that the writer's pitchfork and torches environmental alarmism does not run to thinking of ways to slow the rate at which oil - a finite resource too - runs out.) I think somebody's going to have a lot of free time on their hands when Fox takes Glenn Beck off the air.

All this, let us note, is to justify coineys digging around in a dead woman's email correspondence to bolster their case for allowing the import of illegally exported archaeological artefacts onto the US no-questions-asked antiquities market.


FlaviusSextus said...

What is really absurd is this fellow's assertion that attempts to curb the illegal export of coins from non-scientific excavation (i.e. from looters!) is somehow "anti-intellectual."

Dealing in coins from unscientific excavations is what is anti-intellectual as it destroys information!

And if one really wants to go on about anti-intellectual, take a look at the things that self-appointed spokesmen like Sayles and Welsh have written. They are always resentful archaeology, finds-based and quantitative research, and more generally of scholars who hold PhDs or who use empirical data to support their arguments! I guess supporting your argument is "elitist." They prefer emotive and unsubstantiated rants.

Efforts to curb illicit exports from unscientific excavations are anti-intellectual? Give me a break!

Paul Barford said...

I loved the "this is not tinfoil hat stuff" bit. It's exactly what it is !

These guys swing from one intellectually bankrupt extreme to another in their attempt to avoid the uncomfortable truth. All they want is the ability for US dealers to trade ILLEGALLY EXPORTED dugup coins from abroad in the peace to which they have become accustomed.

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