Saturday 2 April 2011

Annoy a Dodgy Antiquities Dealer: Sign the Petition

We, the undersigned, call on the Egyptian Transitional Authority and Military to immediately restore adequate security measures to the ancient, Islamic, Coptic and Jewish sites, monuments and storehouses, to stop the unprecedented theft and vandalism, and restore adequate protection to the legacy of Egyptian cultural heritage.
They actually forgot border vigilance, but hey it's better than nothing. Coming up to 2000 signatories, isn't that really rather a poor showing? I wonder how many antiquity collectors and dealers signed? I only saw a few names I recognised (lots of people with Polish-sounding names signed though).

Number 1984 belated but sincere said tritely (I hate filling in forms):
Whatever the present and future hold, if those whose responsibility it is to look after it fail in their duty and allow the past to be robbed and destroyed, it can never be replaced.
It was all I could think of to replace my initial thought (comparing what I saw on the ground vis-a-vis police activity around Luxor's sites and monuments this year with last year): "Where the f.....", but I thought the latter was not too politic.

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