Monday 25 April 2011

Coineys Should Read the Book Before they Seek the Emails

"This case is far from over" warns Sayles, suggesting that the ACCG really are going to ignore the voices of reason in the numismatic community and try to access and go through the e-mails of the late Danielle Parks in the search for the elusive snippet of information that exposes the evil that the coineys are convinced stalks the corridors of the US State Department. I suggest that before they do that, they consider how appropriate it would be to consult this scholar on the archaeological status and significance of ancient coins in Cyprus. As I am sure even the home-based numismophiles of Missouri and Wisconsin know, Danielle Parks was an expert on Roman coins in Cyprus. Before her death, she published a 300-page monograph book on the Roman Coinage of Cyprus (Danielle A. Parks 2004, 'The Roman Coinage of Cyprus', Nicosia (Cyprus Numismatic Society). ISBN 9963-9070-0-8). One point that she raises is that these coins circulated primarily on the island and compared to what is found there, everything found outside of Cyprus is minute in comparison. A point made in at least one of the reviews was that the author was unable to cover the whole field because of the large numbers of such coins that were inaccessible due to being shut away in unpublished private collections. So much for all the "research" private possession of illegally exported coins is supposed to produce. Maybe before the ACCG start laying into Danielle Parks for sharing information with the State Department they might like to produce a bibliography of works produced since her book was published by private collectors in the United States showing how much (or how little) they add to what she wrote.

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