Thursday 14 April 2011

A "Researcher" Learns Something From A Dealer in the UK

The Searcher December 2009:
When Essex researcher Stuart Silvey dropped into TimeLine Originals offices with some recent finds, we little expected to see, among the modern milled coins, a remarkable gold pendant he had found while detecting near Bursted, near Billericay.[...] we naturally congratulated Stuart on his sensational find and advised him about the legal procedure for reporting it to Essex FLO. Stuart is now waiting to hear back from the PAS.
(see also Coin News November 2009 ) So the first stop in London of this Essex "researcher" with such a find was not the Portable Antiquities Scheme, but the antiquity dealers' Timeline Originals. What a surprise eh? Why call him a "researcher" then, and not a treasure hunter? A plunderer looking only for saleable items? So do Timeline Originals often buy things from local "researchers" who do not know the law?

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