Friday 22 April 2011

Lecture by Dr Tarek El Awady at Ministry of Antiquities

There was apparently a lecture yesterday (21st April) by Dr Tarek El Awady Manager of the Egyptian Museum at the Ministry of Antiquities (Ahmed Pacha Kamel Hall, 3 Adel Abu Bakr St.) titled 'The Egyptian Museum through January's Revolution'. It was scheduled to start at four and go on to seven, so would have been quite thorough. I can see this blog is being read quite assiduously in Cairo, so would anyone who was there care to enlighten us what was said and presented? I wonder, did Dr El Awady abseil through the skylights of the building on telephone cables to show the audience how it was done? Did he explain why it took so long to produce a list of the objects missing from the smashed cases, and give a more believable version of how the recovered objects turned up?

UPDATE: After asking around I can find nobody who knows anybody who went. No mention of it on the Hawass blog or MSAA Facebook page. Was it cancelled?

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