Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Secret of Treasure Auras Revealed

Kent treasure hunter and author David Villanueva has written a new book ("Discovering Treasure Auras in the Digital Age"), and for the purposes of advertising it he's showing us his "stepcam" which is supposed to demonstrate "how you can find buried treasure with digital cameras". He reckons he can identify a "gold aura" by filtering the light entering a digital camera from a patch of grass under which a "target" was buried two years ago.

So basically if you dig a hole in your straggly, neglected, rank clayland lawn and shove some metal in the ground, you can pick up where the grass has grown back over the aerated soil even two years later... It's unlikely to find anything under freshly ploughed land though, is it? The comments by fellow treasure hunters underneath the video are rather comical.

Now the question that comes to mind is why would a collector bury four gold sovereigns in the ground and then go for them with a pointy spade?

So, does the PAS have any advice about "gold auras" for "finders"? We might ask why is there nothing about this on their website? Are they trying to keep discussion of this information from the public? (The comments under the video are suggesting a gubn'mint conspircy - is this additional evidence, or are the PAS just not keeping up with the latest "digital' developments?)

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