Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hawass: A Victory in the Fight Against the Illicit Antiquities Trade

There is a very nicely-written, stylish and rousing piece on Zahi Hawass' blog July 14th 2011: 'A Victory in the Fight Against the Illicit Antiquities Trade' (the new blog ghost-writer?). Here's the important bit:
By investigating this and other suspicious shipments, Homeland Security investigators were able to reveal a network of smugglers and collectors that reached to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Iraq, and other countries.[...] According to evidence gathered by the investigators, the suspects had been using their (sic) New York gallery to import and sell stolen artifacts, allowing them to funnel large sums of money to other criminals in many parts of the world.
Once again, mention of a British involvement. Will the British authorities be collaborating with those investigations? Surely if there is evidence that a British dealer (or collector?) is in some way involved in this scheme, then they should be investigated.

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