Monday, 18 July 2011

"Palmyra Heritage" on EBay

Palmyra Antiquities (Mousa Khouli) may have disappeared (one trusts, temporarily) from V-Coins, but he's still offering lots of goodies on eBay as palmyraheritagemorriskhouligallery, 24 pages of them, as follows:

There are a fair number that have as part of the sale description the information in which collection (names given) the object was, and where they bought them. You see, all it takes is a little nudge and dealers can provide such information. A lot of them seem to have come from Howard S. Rose's "Arte Primitivo" gallery (3 East 65th Street, NY 10065). Interestingly a group of shabtis is provenanced "Private Sutton Place collection, NYC.", Sutton place is a stone's throw from the dealer's shop. Some of the descriptions however look like they were written by a twelve year old, and I really would be wary of buying anything from a dealer who tries to sell an amulet of "Sekhmet with his hands on his knees".

Vignette: though some dealers cannot tell the difference, Sekhmet is every inch a woman.

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