Monday, 25 July 2011

UK Artefact Hunting Hot Spot Lists Published

If you have a metal detector and are not particularly concerned about keeping within the (extraordinarily liberal) laws of the United Kingdom, the British archaeological community has published some wonderful resources for their "partners" and artefact hunting colleagues. There is a full list of important archaeological sites and their status (with maps) published online by English Heritage. Just a click away. From this I learn to my extreme annoyance that an extremely important Roman villa site I published is NOT scheduled (and it should be), but a telephone box in the village is. Another site I have been working on has part of the site scheduled, but just to the north of it is a complex of features containing lots of finds which is obviously part of the same site and which is not scheduled - ideal for artefact hunters (in fact they've already been there - and the gents from the Early Medieval Corpus [coineys] have been happily recording finds from them).

Scottish artefact hunters have a similar resource available.

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