Saturday, 23 July 2011

On the Antiquities Market Near You?

Dorothy King ('Some of Our Heads are Missing') gives a little preview of the looted artefacts database she's working on with some pictures of sculptures (just the lopped off heads) reportedly stolen from Cyrene in Libya which are believed to now be on the no-questions-asked antiquities market somewhere. If you see any of them in your local antiquities dealer's stock let her know.

So, why are these objects included on Dorothy King's database and not the Art Loss register? Is it not a little confusing having a private database parallelling what should be available on ones already existing?

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Dorothy King said...

I think there is a little confusion - The Art Loss Register is a private for-profit company as far as I'm aware, not open to all.

My database, which is now at, was always intended to be public even though I am a private individual.

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