Sunday, 31 July 2011

Debate the Issues? Not Us M8

Rather than entering any kind of informed dialogue with anyone (too much trouble), ACCG employee John Hooker lets coineys know the means by which the issues which preservationists raise about no-questions-asked collecting should be dealt with. Citing "that con-man Paul Barford" and "yellow journalist" Dr David Gill as examples he says:
While I do not recommend the average person to attempt this - it requires a thick skin and some training, it is quite easy to bait them into launching a scathing response, which, bit by bit, becomes more outrageous over time and allows more people to identify their fanatical and one-sided views. In dealing with their "second generation" followers who start their own blogs, I have been able to effectively silence them on two occasions. The trick is to catch them before they descend into the morass of their heroes. I have as yet, though, been unable to actually turn them. If and when I do, I will celebrate!
So basically the coiney understanding of the method of debate is "baiting" and "silencing". I guess we've seen the baiter from Moneta-L on here over the past week or so. Linda and Norman Kennedy and a bloke from Central Searchers are others. Metal detectorist Steve Taylor is trying to silence this blog now by legal threats, and promises to "come and see" me next week. Its the same tactic metal detectorists used with the PAS forum.

Anyway, it is nice to see an admission in black and white that the ACCG approach is no different from that of UK "metal detectorists", to try and shut down any venues where there is even the mildest criticism of the no-questions-asked antiquity trade. I will leave it up to the reader to decide which "two" blogs the ACCG claim to have shut down and to what degree trained black propaganda specialist John Hooker was in fact personally responsible.


Anonymous said...

Not sure which bloggers Mr Hooker is claiming to have effectively silenced but he is welcome to write an article on our Heritage Journal under the title "US Collectors who buy dugups that are said to have come from British metal detectorists are NOT causing grievous harm to the heritage of a friendly nation".

We reserve the right to reply. Let us see who ends up "effectively silenced"!

Mo said...

Jarman is a troll. Most of the posts on the blog are aimed at extracting a response.

The latest post about PHDiva is to try to divide archeologists.

Mo said...

In Jarman's latest post Jarman tries to analyse the reviews that were made about Dorothy King's book on the Elgin Marbles.

Jarman seems surprised that there are either good reviews or bad reviews and suggests that someone is sabotaging the reviews.

There is surely no middle ground on this one. Readers will either agree or disagree. I'm sure that Dorothy King will realise that.

Paul Barford said...

Well, being a metal detectorist, I presume the author of the Jarman blog does not read too many real books. I expect he prefers the 'hands on' approach to understanding the world.

Paul Barford said...

Why not give the good folk the link to the latest nonsense from the charming "Candice"?

After all, he's trying so hard to show people the "truth" about no-questions-asked collecting of antiquities. Though in the last post it seems he is inviting people to play guessing games.

And John Hooker accuses the preservationists of "yellow journalism" when his own side is engaging in a very clear smear campaign using PRECISELY the tactics he himself describes here:

Chris Exx said...

Hi Paul,

"I guess we've seen the baiter from Moneta-L on here over the past week or so." God, I hope you don't think that's me. All I'm trying to do is learn what is going on.

I think John Hooker has written some interesting theoretical stuff, but the garbage about baiting you and silencing people (!!) is just him trying to poison the efforts of collectors who are going where he doesn't want them to go. It is really disappointing and chilling.

Baiting? Silencing people? WTF??!!??

I think the ACCG is not doing collectors any favors if that is the best they can do.

I came across a preview of your book The Early Slavs on google. Good stuff!! You don't really talk much about your other work on this blog. Not even in your profile.

Is your artifact book with Swift available in Britain or elsewhere now? It seems to be nearly a year away from release in the US.

Chris Rose

Paul Barford said...

Hooker has written a load of rubbish masquerading as "theory" intended to support the no-questions-asked collectors' case.

It should be observed that the ACCG has been very quiet on the "internationalist" (or any other) ideological front over the past eighteen months or so, attempting now to challenge the legal basis of restrictions on the import of illegally exported coins.

Dealers in other dugups are also notably quiet.

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