Friday, 15 July 2011

Two Dealers Vanished - Which ones?

I have learnt that when one tries to follow up certain links on some earlier posts here, the computer screen flashes up: "The specified request cannot be executed from current Application Pool". That's an odd error message which I admit I'd not seen before. What it means apparently is;
"an error has occurred (database not accessible, poor connection / timeout, server too busy / doesn't want to play anymore, etc), the Website tries to fetch the custom error page, the page isn't accessible because it's on a different part of the server running in a different application pool (all Websites can have their own application pool), Web server throws a wobbly".
The badly designed web service that is generating this message is V-coins ancient coins. It says on the front page: "153 Ancient Dealers, 110,258 Items, $23,292,539 Value"
That's funny, two days ago there were 155. The broken links from my posts indicate which two dealers have currently gone underground.
Vignette: problems in the trade in antique objects?

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