Monday 15 April 2013

Beni Suef More Illicit Antiquities Seized

It is reported that last Saturday, the Egyptian authorities seized "five ancient coffins, 63 statues and about 5,000 coins at the houses of three fugitives in northern Beni Suef governorate". Two "suspected Pharaonic coffins, 42 statues and about 5,000 coins" were found "in the houses of two men who managed to escape". One of the coffins had a mummy in it. A third fugitive, it is said, "possesses a number of rare golden Pharaonic statues which he prepared for sale" and it was in his house that the police found "another three coffins with mummies inside and 21 statues, six of which are made of gold and granite".

MENA  Egypt seizes 5 ancient coffins, 63 statues 14th April 2013

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