Wednesday 17 April 2013

Hoard Hunters Website

There's a website just going up for the ITV's new Treasure grabfest programme  initiated by the recent PAS-sponsored offering "Britain's Secret Treasures". Hoard Hunters, this new encouragement to get a metal detector and have a bash at treasure hunting: "follows Gordon Heritage and Gary Brun as they team up with archaeologist Mike Webber to embark on a quest to unearth hoards of treasure and unlock historical mysteries". It is billed as:
A sort of Top Gear meets Time Team for the History Channel [...] the show resembles a boys own adventure.
It says the programme will follow "expert metal detectorists" Gary Brun and Gordon Heritage, taking "bigger and better equipment than before" to target the UK sites of the previous discovery of old hoards, a different one each week. They have hopes that they may show the viewing public that not only by going over such sites they could find objects that may not have been found by the original discoverers or even that right next to the findspot of a nationally important archaeological treasure there may be more such finds lying undisturbed in the archaeological layers around it and up for grabs. Splitting up any treasure awards and sharing them with the original finder is going to be a nightmare. The shows will combine the artefact hunters' view of "history" with tekkie version of humour (uh-oh).
Hat-tip to Heritage Action

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