Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Next Provenance-challenged Pre-Columbian Antiquities Auction in Paris

Nord Wennerstrom is reporting (April 9th - In Paris – Another provenance-challenged pre-Columbian art auction) another provenance-challenged pre-Columbian art auction in Paris. This one is scheduled for April 24, 2013 at Binoche et Giquello.
The online catalogue for the sale features 90 lots, most from a handful of private collections – only one lot has a pre-1970 provenance, an additional 16 lots list a previous collection (but no date), and the remaining 73 lots have no provenance at all.  Again, my standard disclaimer: All of these works may have been legally exported from their respective source countries; and, if that’s the case, why not list that information?  
Why are Mexico, Guatemala and Peru apparently not contesting this sale? Can we please stop calling this "art" as so  many Hogarth copperplates or Dali lithographs?

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