Friday 26 April 2013

Palestinian Authority Police Thwart Artefact Smuggling

'PA police thwarts antique smuggling in Bethlehem', Ma'an News Agency 26/04/2013 15:23
Palestinian Authority Tourism and Antiquities police on Thursday seized 900 artifacts as they were being smuggled out of Bethlehem, police said. Bethlehem police chief Alaa al-Shalabi said they received a tip-off from the Ministry of Tourism that a man from Jerusalem was smuggling the antiques out, which are illegal to own or sell under Palestinian law. The suspected was detained at the scene, where police found 830 metal coins from the Byzantine, Roman and Islamic area, as well as 70 works of pottery dating back to the [Canaanite era].
A stone sarcophagus was also recovered. Under Palestinian law, antiquities and dugup artefacts belong to the Palestinian Authority for the preservation of heritage and culture.

The seized artefacts (Ma'an). Do you know anyone
who'd buy coins and antiquities like this from Jerusalem dealers?
Where do they actually come from, and how
do they reach the dealer?

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