Monday 22 April 2013

Knocked-off Sri-Lankan Temple Fabric Under the Hammer at Bonhams Indian and Islamic sale

The knocked-off bit of Sri-Lankan temple which I wrote about earlier figures in Bonhams Indian and Islamic sale in London tomorrow (April 23rd, lot 278w, estimate: £20,000 - 30,000). I wrote to the Sri Lankan High Commission about this a few months ago, but they did not even acknowledge receipt of the letter, let alone - it seems - do anything about this matter. So it looks like instead of going back where it belongs, it will be another case of: "Sold, to that gentleman over there....".

The London representative is presumably there to look after Sri Lankan interests in the UK, it would seem from their reaction that attempting to maintain the integrity of the island's heritage is not one of the interests to which either the Sri Lankan government ('Archaeological sites islandwide plundered for priceless artefacts' Sunday Times, n.d. ) nor its foreign delegates give much importance. Unless, of course they are hell-bent on being the winning bidder.

UPDATE, Results of sale, sold for £553,250 - somebody values it higher than the Sri Lankans(that estimate was a bit 'off', I suppose its not often something like this comes up for sale)

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