Tuesday 2 April 2013

Debate with Tea and Biscuits

I see we get tea and biscuits too.

  I'm looking forward to it. Thanks David and Ian.


Cultural Property Observer said...

I thought a debate assumes at least two individuals defending their views. This does not sound like that at all.

Paul Barford said...

"This does not appear to be a real debate between individuals with different views to me. Perhaps, Mr. Barford really is debating tea and biscuits because they won't talk back...."

Cultural Property Observer said...

You really can't take a joke can you.

Paul Barford said...

It looked like more of your curmudgeonly and uninformed lobbyist sniping. So I am supposed to go "Ha ha"? Oh, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Will it be streamed online?

Paul Barford said...

Sam, it will not be streamed online as it was not recorded, but a version taking into account colleagures' comments will probably be coming out in print some time soon.

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