Friday 12 April 2013

UK Surveilance

Driving yesterday up the A14 to Thrapston I was aware of the number of vehicle recognition cameras the British police have set up on a number of roads in the UK, quite unlike anything I saw driving here through five European countries a few days ago. Within seconds of driving out of Stansted airport on Wednesday I was stopped on the road by an intimidating looking armed policeman who informed me my Warsaw-registered car was "not in our system", and it took half an hour of conversation for him to realise that there is no reason why it should be. Talk about a "police state"! It strikes me though that if such a system was extended to the rest of the country for other purposes, it would be an easy matter to trace the nocturnal wanderings of nighthawks etc., if the records are archived.

Vignette: Born out of fear: Britain's survelilance society


Anonymous said...

this made my day sorry paul but shows they work does it not,picked up foreign troublemaker straight away lol

Paul Barford said...

Well, it was not me (a native of the country) that they "picked up" but the foreign artefact (my car, which they said was not "registered" - jolly well is).

Let's hope the UK's Big Brother surveilance society gets round to registering foreign dug up artefacts soon and pulling up people who have unregisterd ones in their possession.

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